Home SPA way

There is no specific moment of the day which is ideal for relaxation therapies. The important thing is choosing the right time for us, when we are ready to dedicate time to ourselves and ignore the rest of the world.

Choose your own ideal mixture of infra red saunas, colour therapy steam baths and mixjet jacuzzi baths as well as our range of showers – such as the toning and blade showers giving you the chance to try out Arctic jets. In the relaxation room you can sip fruit and herb teas and enjoy the view from the terrace to finish off your wellness experience in the best possible way.

Infra red sauna/cabin

A dry heat sauna which warms up your body giving you a feeling of instant well-being, reducing fatigue and alleviating neck and back pain. It is detox effect and favours the elimination of harmful toxins (heavy metals). Infra red cabin temperatures are lower than those in normal saunas and this means that you can stay in them longer (around 20 minutes). The heat penetrates your body deeply thus increasing your metabolic rate and raising calorie consumption. In addition to its beneficial lymphatic action it strengthens your immune system.

Steam bath

It is an ancient purifying bath tradition of which saunas are also the descendants. Simultaneous controlled steam and heat action helps blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing and eliminating toxins. Its toning and relaxing properties make it one of the best therapies to combat stress and tension.

Mix Jet Jacuzzi Bath

The jacuzzi bath is in one of the most evocative locations in our HOME SPA, in front of a magnificent window overlooking the Umbrian hills. It is made up of six ergonomic seats in which water, air and ozone combine to perform a relaxing and therapeutic effect generating extremely positive results: immediate relief from muscle pain, improved circulation and tissue oxygenation, stress relief, a more healthy appearance and deeper sleep.
Jacuzzi bath and sport are the perfect combination.

Our showers

The special structure of the shower area allows for a range of water jets with specific functions.
Tonifying Shower: a cold waterfall from a single bucket with a powerfully reinvigorating effect.
Blade showers: a pleasant water blade effect for relaxation.
The blade showers are equipped with special cold water jets directed onto the lower limbs in order to stimulate circulation and tone tissues.


All guests are given a KIT HOME SPA (bathrobe, guest towel, slippers)

Outside guest rates:

euro 28,00 per person at weekends and on bank holidays

euro 23,00 per person from Monday to Friday

euro 17,00 per person for Locanda del Prete guests

Guests can stay in the HOME SPA areas for two hours (on request and depending on availability, times can also be extended).